Two companies. One exciting future.

As you’ve seen in the news, CenturyLink has acquired Level 3 Communications and as a new united company, we are now one of the largest global communication and IT service providers and the second largest U.S. telecom company. So what does that mean for you and your business? It means you could now have access to one of the largest global networks, with more than 820,000 fiber route miles and increased local access in over 350 metro areas across the US. It means that we can offer gig fiber speeds to more businesses than ever and connect over 100,000 multi-tenant office buildings to our fast fiber network. Pair that with our SDN solutions and IT services, and CenturyLink now provides one of the most comprehensive digital service portfolios available today:

•   Data networking with software-defined, on-demand bandwidth

•   Dedicated Internet access up to 1 Gbps

•   Hosted VoIP and SIP-based calling solutions

•   On-demand cloud services and cloud application management

•   Big data solutions and a portfolio of managed IT services

•   Enhanced security portfolio with DDoS and threat intelligence

CenturyLink remains committed to providing the focused expertise, excellent care and top-notch service our customers need to succeed each and every day. However, the new CenturyLink puts more global technology resources at our fingertips, which translates into more networks, solutions, expertise and technology research accessible to you, your employees and your IT team. We continue to be dedicated to helping businesses navigate the challenges and requirements of digital transformation, as it is a key component to competitive success, both today and in the future. We remain focused on leveraging today’s advanced technology to facilitate your business innovation and transformation goals, including improved operational efficiency, expansive growth and significant customer success. From our individual consumers to our global enterprises, we’re excited to deploy secure, reliable, forward-thinking technologies that can improve the quality of our customers’ lives by connecting them to the power of the digital world.

Business benefits of digital transformation:

  • Easier and faster business expansion – CenturyLink global networks and “as-a-service” solutions make it easy for you to conduct business virtually anywhere, so you can think beyond your physical locations and traditional market segments.
  • Accelerated product innovation – Technology can transform not only what products and services you provide to your customers, but how you design and deliver those products and services. For instance, could your products be sold online or could services be delivered via an always-available smartphone app?
  • Enhanced customer experience – Leverage cloud and collaboration technologies to improve communication and foster team-building dynamics between employees, partners and customers. As you remove information silos and communication barriers, you’ll see your business thrive as employees and partners work more cohesively towards an improved customer experience.

What’s next?

CenturyLink is ready to focus that much more on helping our customers stay connected to our rapidly changing digital world. By adopting a one company, one culture approach we leverage the collaborative expertise of our team of 55,000+ professionals in order to drive the results your business needs to succeed.

You, first. That’s our commitment here at CenturyLink. We’re dedicated to operational excellence to offer safe, secure and reliable networking and communication capabilities that place you and your success at the center of everything we do. So no matter how you engage in today’s digital economy, we can provide you with the technology solutions you need for today’s hyper-connected, content-driven world.

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