One Unexpected Way to Increase Productivity

Few things in life are more annoying than waiting on a slow Internet connection. Every second spent waiting for a screen to load is time that you’ll never get back. Time you could spend making sales calls, processing payments, answering customer questions or a thousand other activities that happen each and every day at your place of business.

Most employees come to work every day with the desire to be productive. However, when applications don’t work because of a slow Internet connection, employees aren’t able to do their jobs effectively. In fact, recent polls indicate that slow Internet at work is employees’ number one frustration related to employer-provided digital technologies. If your Internet is slow, you can expect employee complaints to rise and morale to drop. And the effects of a slow Internet connection don’t stop there. You can expect unhappy employees to negatively impact your customers, and unhappy customers can create an entirely new set of problems for your business.

Employees lose a week of work every year due to slow Internet.

Research indicates that slow internet connections cost employees one week per year of productivity. The most common time-consuming delays were caused by waiting on files to upload and download. Up to 7% of surveyed employees admit that their Internet connection grinds to a halt more than ten times a day. Not surprisingly, during periods of slow Internet access, more than half of those surveyed admitted they turn to their smartphones for non-work activities, such as online shopping and checking social media. However, 9% of respondents admitted to using their smartphones to look for other jobs when they have no Internet access. While the time your teams spend waiting on slow Internet can seem minor, lost productivity adds up significantly over time and could even cause you to lose a great employee. Your Internet connectivity should never inhibit your business. It should be a tool that supports your employees’ desire to work productively, addresses your customers’ needs and advances your business.

Why is my Internet slow?

Your Internet connection has served your business well in the past. So why does it suddenly not support your business needs now? What’s changed? In a nutshell, the way we work has changed. Companies are using VPNs, Voice over IP (VoIP), video services and Web conferencing tools that require more bandwidth. If your company uses cloud-based business applications like QuickBooks, Salesforce, Office 365 or cloud file-sharing services like Egnyte or Dropbox, you require more bandwidth.

And our bandwidth requirements are only going to grow. Nielsen’s Law of Internet Bandwidth states that Internet usage doubles every 12 months. If you need 40 Mbps of bandwidth service right now, next year you’ll probably need 80 Mbps. With IP traffic in North America predicted to reach 49.7 exabytes per month by 2019 (that’s one billion gigabytes), now is the time to evaluate your organization’s bandwidth needs and ensure that your Internet connectivity is able to support your projected business growth.

How Fiber Helps

Research studies have shown that fiber Internet substantially enhances productivity, promoting overall customer satisfaction and profitability within your organization. One of the veritable benefits of fiber is the ability to have equally fast upload and download speeds. For example, a 1-gigabit fiber connection is 50 times faster than a 20 Mbps connection. That means if it took an employee five minutes to upload your payroll files using a 20 Mbps connection, with a 1 Gbps pipe that same upload would take only a few seconds. Multiply that time savings across a dozen projects a day for 100 people or more and that’s a substantial increase in operational efficiency. The speed that comes with sufficient bandwidth allows your employees to meet deadlines, connect with suppliers, customers and potential clients, back up information, share files, video conference and collaborate with co-workers. It gives them extra time to develop and implement innovative ideas for your business. The bottom line? If your business uses technologies such as video conferencing, cloud-based applications, online payments and other e-commerce functions, you need a high-speed connection with adequate upload speeds.

For example, healthcare facilities like doctor offices, nursing homes, dental offices, diagnostic centers and others require dynamic information movement. The shift to electronic medical records and large MRI or X-ray file transfers call for enormous bandwidth. Add the need for real-time access to support remote diagnosis, and the symmetrical bandwidth requirements multiply exponentially. If a healthcare provider can access and transfer data more quickly, they can improve office efficiency, reduce administrative costs and improve patient service quality.

Financial companies depend on a wide variety of cloud-based analysis software including trading and business intelligent applications, like S&P or Thomson Reuters. Boosting Internet speed could pay back big dividends by facilitating more transactions per hour.

Fast fiber connectivity can benefit retailers by helping them deliver a personalized experience for their customers. Whether you are a local coffee shop providing free WiFi to your customers or a global online retailer that supports millions of viewers and shopping transactions each day, fiber connectivity can help you better communicate with your audience and speed up transactions, the first steps towards optimizing the customer experience.

In Summary

Fiber connectivity is critical for any business as its inherent speed and scalability is the foundation for the technology that powers employee productivity and operational efficiency. Fiber has the bandwidth needed to enable complex technologies where every millisecond counts and that means your employees will be connected to their apps, files and each other in a supersonic New York minute. Fiber’s reliable performance and distinct uptime advantages will ensure they stay connected. After all, isn’t it our ability to connect and communicate that’s the secret to success in both our work and personal lives?

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