Could Internet Speed Make a Difference to Your Small Business?

Many small businesses have a single Internet connection shared by everyone in the company. It makes sense from a cost perspective. But that means every device that accesses the Internet—computers, point-of-sale systems, smartphones, tablets and so on—uses part of the bandwidth. Because a single connection has only so much bandwidth, everything slows down as the load increases.

Just browsing the web these days can be taxing. Websites are full of videos, audio, graphics and ads that take longer to load, especially on a subpar connection.

Many of us rely on video conferencing (like Skype, WebEx and Zoom) and Internet phone service (VoIP) to conduct meetings and engage with customers. Maybe your company uses cloud-based applications, such as email, customer relationship management (CRM), or data storage and backup.

How much time is wasted each day while employees wait for web pages to load and applications to respond, or have to disconnect and then log back in to online meetings?

How High-Speed Internet Can Help

A big boost in Internet speed can make a significant difference. High-speed Internet service is available in ultrafast 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps (1 Gig) speeds.

You can connect all your computers and devices to the Internet with no slowdowns. If you hold videoconferences or make VoIP calls, you won’t experience choppy video or poor call quality.

Faster Internet service can also enable you to quickly process multiple payment cards simultaneously or transfer large image and video files in a fraction of the time. You can also run cloud-based applications with the same type of responsiveness as if they were running on your hard drive.

Keep Employees Productive

High-speed Internet service can be critical to employees whose jobs require them to be online most of the day, such as staff who manage the website and social media relationships, perform research or connect to third-party billing systems. A slow Internet connection results in delays and downtime, which reduces productivity. Reducing frustration and stress goes a long way toward keeping employees happy. They can perform at a higher level when you remove technology barriers.

Keep Customers Satisfied

Do you provide complimentary Wi-Fi access to customers? What about streaming entertainment to multiple TVs in a lobby or restaurant? Your goal should be to provide an outstanding customer experience again and again. Customers rely heavily on electronics and expect great service wherever they go. They’ll remember regularly slow or spotty Internet service and take their business elsewhere.

Designed for Growth

How often have you upgraded technology and found the performance dropping within months? With the right Internet speed, you don’t have to revisit plans and pricing when you add computers, devices and other equipment—the bandwidth is already in place. This type of setup also helps to ensure your Internet-connected critical business applications are always available.

Know the ROI

Internet prices typically increase as the speed increases, so expect to pay more for 1 Gig service. But how does Internet downtime and constant bottlenecks affect your business?

For some business owners, paying more for faster Internet service can save money due to increased staff productivity, less troubleshooting and more reliance on reasonably priced cloud applications.

Nearly every small business can benefit from 100 Mbps service, especially because it’s become so affordable. The faster and more expensive 1 Gig service is for the business that knows it’s growing and wants to make sure it has the right infrastructure/bandwidth in place to handle that growth.

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