[Infographic] Is Remote Work Helping or Hurting Your Business?

In a small business, every single person matters. Owners have limited time to find and hire new employees, and they often invest personal time in training the right person. In turn, they feel the pinch when someone leaves for a better opportunity.

Understanding how to create a work environment that’s conducive to retaining great employees is a challenge.

Although designed for convenience and efficiency, typical work spaces are distracting. Employees are expected to carry heavy workloads and multi-task, while hearing others’ conversations or being a target for the co-worker who wants to chat or unload.

Working remotely offers the balance that workers want and expect. By controlling their work environment, they have fewer interruptions, better focus and are more productive. The flexibility of working from home or outside the confines of the main office gives them back time lost on the commute. They’re happier and less likely to take another job.

While nearly half of workers feel the option to work remotely is a must-have job benefit, poor communication is a major hurdle.

Remote and mobile workers need accessible, easy-to-use communication and collaboration tools, for any type of device, to be a part of the team. That means always-on instant messaging and chat tools, the ability to see co-worker availability at a glance, and using a business phone number with a personal smartphone.

Because meetings are essential, workers should be able to join conference calls and virtual meetings in a click, complete with HD audio, video and screen sharing.

When employees succeed, the business succeeds. Providing remote work options, as well as the right mobile technology, not only increases productivity but can result in reduced office expenses, less absenteeism and lower turnover costs.

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