Q&A with Cybersecurity Expert James Lyne

Cybersecurity Expert, James Lyne, recently sat down via Facebook Live to chat about the state of cybersecurity in 2017 and how small and medium business owners can effectively manage cyber threats.

Covering everything from why cybercriminals target businesses to how to build an effective cybersecurity plan, James discussed the essential security tips, techniques, and trends for small and medium businesses.

Watch James’ Facebook Live event below to learn the best tactics for keeping your business safe, protecting your data and preventing attacks.

“Cyber criminals will continue to innovate in incredible ways both in terms of their technical developments, but also their business tactics. It is crucial that we all do the right things to prepare and make life harder for cyber criminals “ – James Lyne

Question timestamps:

0:45 Why would hackers attack SMBs? Do these companies have the same risk of security breaches?
4:40 What are the different types of hacks that can affect my business?
12:25 How do I know if I’ve been hacked?
16:00 You say there are many attack techniques, what is the most common?
19:00 When making a cybersecurity plan for your business, what should it include?